Ski Wedding Photographer

Ski Wedding Photographer

Do you love skiing or snowboarding with your partner?

Are you always dreaming of snow together?

Do you want to get married in the mountains while hitting the slopes?

You might be dreaming up the perfect day, but are not sure how to make that dream ski wedding or snowboard wedding day come true!

Don't worry, that's where I come in!

I'll help you pick the perfect ski resort! I'm based in Colorado, but will definitely ski anywhere with you!

We will work together to decide whether a wedding day with guests, an elopement just the two of you, or some combination of those is the right fit for your vision!

I will work on a custom timeline for your epic day on the slopes!

Hi, I'm Marta, your new ski buddy!

I've been skiing pretty much since I learned how to walk! It has always been my favorite winter activity and now I have combined my love for skiing and photography all in one!

Let me help you plan your perfect day on the slopes and capture every moment! We can ski the back bowls, groomers, or some trees, no matter where your ski or snowboard takes you, I'll join you for all of it!

I will also help you figure out all the logistics of what it takes to get married on skis! If you are not sure how to dress, how to make it legal, or where to even get started, I'll help you through every step of planning your ski wedding or elopement!

Want to Learn more about your
new Ski Buddy?

"Marta can ski with so much confidence that she captures moments where we're riding! She takes expert photos while coming down the slopes" -Joo 

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