Lake Tahoe Ski Elopement

Lake Tahoe Ski Elopement

Kaitlin and Josh | An epic day at Heavenly Mountain Resort for a Lake Tahoe Ski Elopement

A beautiful day at Heavenly Ski Resort filled with drinks with friends, champagne pops, skiing and snowboarding, made for the best Lake Tahoe Ski Elopement!

If you are looking to elope on the slopes, let’s chat! I ski all across the world to capture your adventurous wedding day!

Details and Getting Ready

Kaitlin and Josh started their morning getting ready at their beautiful slope-side hotel. It was great that we were so close to the Heavenly Gondola. As a result, we could walk right over when it was time to get on the mountain. Kaitlin’s mom helped her into her dress while Josh put on a bowtie that perfectly matched his new snowboard bib pants! Once they were all dressed up, they put on their boots and were ready to head out onto mountain.

Riding the Heavenly Gondola

We headed out to the Heavenly Ski Resort Gondola. Riding the gondola is an experience in itself! It goes 2.4 miles up the mountain with stunning views of Lake Tahoe down below! During the ride, Kaitlin and Josh snuggled up and enjoyed the views. After the gondola, we made our way over to the first chairlift ride of the day in order to head to their ceremony spot!

The Lake Tahoe Ski Elopement Ceremony

After we made it up the mountain, we skied down to a spot off the side of the trail which I found the day prior to their elopement. It was the perfect little overlook for Kaitlin and Josh’s ceremony. Before reading their vows, they took in the gorgeous views behind them. Of course they wrote the absolute sweetest vows!

Josh snowboarded while Kaitlin skied and we explored both the California and Nevada sides of Heavenly Ski Resort. It’s such a unique mountain that you can ski between two states! Kaitlin and Josh got legally married before their elopement day celebrations, therefore, they did not need to worry about which state we were in. This is definitely something to consider if you want to get legally married on the slopes on the actual day of your ceremony!

A Few Runs and a Shot Ski!

After a few runs, we headed over to another scenic spot where Kaitlin and Josh celebrated with a shot ski! If you have a wedding at a ski resort, this is always a fun addition to the day.

Meeting up with Friends and Family

After a few more runs for just the couple, they made it back down to the lodge where their friends and family waited for them. It was so sweet! Kaitlin even teared up when she saw everyone gathered and cheering for them as they came down the mountain. After some greetings and family photos, they celebrated in the lodge with some drinks before heading back out onto the slopes with their friends.

Lake Tahoe Ski Elopement with Friends!

The rest of the day was spent having the best time skiing and snowboarding. Kaitlin led the way down the slopes as her groom and all their friends followed. They ended their day with a perfect champagne pop. It could not have been a more fun ski-lopement!

Congratulation, Kaitlin and Josh!

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  1. Clarissa says:

    Yass! I love a good ski elopement in Tahoe! This looks like such a fun day with great weather. The overlook of the lake where they shared their vows was perfect! Great work!

  2. Kat says:

    This is so cool! The spontaneity really shines through, and I feel right there on the snowy mountain

  3. Ann Marie says:

    Stunning!! What a beautiful day on the slopes for these two and that view at their ceremony location – gorgeous! What a fun time and beautiful photos of it all – love it! 🙂

  4. Naomi Levit says:

    This is amazing! The show of the bride going down the mountain is just stunning. What an epic day.

  5. Oh ski weddings are just my favourite! I love how you did the ring photo with their boots! Definitely inspire me for the future! And the photo with her dress flowing! Love it!

  6. Julia Maass says:

    Such a unique way to get married!! I also love that they took a shot together, so sweet!

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