Colorado Proposal Photographer

you want to
propose in the beautiful Mountains of Colorado...

Now what?

You get to choose exactly how!

You can go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, drive up to a mountain pass, or even go dog sledding! I will ski or hike to any spot you need me to for your proposal!

Does this sound like the best way ever to propose to the love of your life?

That's where I come in!

When you choose me to photograph your special day, you are not just getting a Colorado proposal photographer.

You are getting a:

"Marta really went above and beyond to be accommodating. She understood my situation, empathized with me, and responded at all sorts of weird hours just to help me make it happen!" -Sam

Hi, I'm Marta! I am a lover of all things outdoors. When I'm not photographing couples one of their most exciting days, I am definitely in the mountains with my hubby and our two fur babies. No matter the weather, you will see us enjoying all the fun activities in the mountains!

I want to share amazing experiences in the mountains with you on your special day!

I believe ALL  love is beautiful and that all couples deserve to propose to their partner in a super special way!

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