Breckenridge Ski Proposal

A Colorado ski trip turns into the most special Breckenridge Ski Proposal! | Veronica and Bernardo

Bernardo, Veronica, and her family started their ski day just like any other ski day, but little did Veronica know that she would be going home a fiancé! Bernardo was joining Veronica on her family ski trip out to Colorado. They were going to be skiing in Breckenridge and it was his first time ever on the slopes. He knew how special skiing was to Veronica, so he wanted to surprise her with a Breckenridge Ski Proposal!

Breckenridge Ski Resort is the perfect location for a winter proposal. There are so many stunning spots on the mountain with gorgeous mountain views and snow-covered trees. After lots of planning and discussion with Bernardo, we decided that proposing near Ten Mile Station would be best. We had two options for the proposal depending on the weather. Since it was ultimately snowing on the proposal day, we decided that proposing in the snowy trees would be the most magical location!

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The Proposal

At the start of the day, Bernardo and Veronica took the lift up to Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge with Veronica’s family. A few family members said they needed to stop in the lodge for a moment. While Bernardo and Veronica waited, Bernardo suggested the two of them take a photo in the snowy trees. It had been snowing the night before, so everything was a winter wonderland! After taking a selfie in the trees, Bernardo got down on one knee in the snow and proposed. Of course Veronica said yes! It was such a beautiful moment.

Family joins to celebrate!

As we started taking some photos, Veronica’s family excitedly ran up to join Veronica and Bernardo. They made phone calls to family members to share the good news. Since it was a VERY cold day, we went into the lodge for a quick warm-up break where they called more family members to share the joy with everyone.

Ski Engagement Photos!

After warming up we went back outside and took some more photos! Bernardo and Veronica had so much fun enjoying the snow. Even though it was freezing, Veronica was a trooper showing off her ring!

Hitting the slopes!

Finally, we hit the slopes! Even though this trip was Bernardo’s first time skiing, he was learning fast! We enjoyed a few runs together and of course had to take some photos of the two of them on ski lift. It was definitely the perfect ski proposal day!

Congratulations, Veronica and Bernardo!

Want to plan your own epic surprise proposal on the ski slopes of Colorado? Let’s chat!

  1. Stacy says:

    The images of this proposal at Breckenridge are incredible!! What a special day and you captured it all so beautifully!!

  2. Heather McFord says:

    This is the most Colorado proposal ever and I LOVE IT!! These images are just beautiful. They look so happy!

  3. Tessa Klingensmith says:

    Ski proposal is a dream! I really liked the photos you captured of them in the Brakenridge lodge FaceTiming their friends! Great job documenting and sharing their story 😍

  4. Danielle says:

    So much emotion, this is so sweet!!

  5. Naomi Levit says:

    Breckenridge is so beautiful and the moments you captured are amazing! What a sweet couple.

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