Lake Isabelle Elopement

Stephanie and Jake | A very early morning with star photos and red alpenglow for this stunning sunrise Lake Isabelle elopement!

Stephanie and Jake knew they wanted a hiking elopement in Colorado. After discussing a few different location options, they decided on a Lake Isabelle elopement! Lake Isabelle is located in Brainard Lake Recreation Area. You will need a $14 parking permit to access this area. You can get more information about the permits here. Typically Brainard Lake opens around Memorial Day but the upper lots do not open until July 1. There are still ways to access these areas in the winter from the Brainard Lake Winter Trailhead. However, this certainly makes for a longer adventure in the snow!

Lake Isabelle is about a 4 mile roundtrip hike if you start at the Long Lake Trailhead. You can also start the hike from Brainard Lake to extend the hike. This is also a great option if you can not get a parking pass for the Long Lake Trailhead. The parking permits for the trailheads above Brainard Lake are more limited. The Lake Isabelle hike is pretty moderate and has so many incredible views all along the way! You pass Long Lake and stunning views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. There is also a small waterfall crossing to access Lake Isabelle! In the summer you will also find so many beautiful wildflowers. It is certainly an incredible spot for a Colorado elopement!

If you want to get married on the shores of Lake Isabelle, I would love to help you plan your hiking elopement! Reach out now!

The hike to a Lake Isabelle!

We started Stephanie and Jake’s elopement day before the sun came up. They wanted to be at Lake Isabelle for sunrise. Therefore, we needed to start hiking in the dark! This was perfect because we were able to get some star photos as we reached a clearing in the trees. Once we arrived at the lake, Stephanie and Jake changed into their wedding attire and we took blue hour photos. Playing with the light from lanterns when the sky starts to brighten to an incredible blue is my favorite!


Once the sun started to rise even more, we took couples portraits. Then, alpenglow started and the mountains lit up like they were on fire! It was truly spectacular! Lake Isabelle is such a perfect place to witness some beautiful mountain alpenglow!

Lake Isabelle Elopement Ceremony

Soon enough, it was time for their ceremony. Stephanie and Jake wrote the most touching vows to one another. They shed some tears and exchanged their rings, all while the lake lit up orange. It was the most stunning day to witness the sunrise.

Let’s Celebrate!

After the ceremony, Stephanie and Jake signed their marriage license. How cool is it that they signed on a rock with those views?! Colorado is a perfect place for a hiking elopement because you can self-solemnize your marriage! This means you do not need an officiant or witnesses to legally sign your marriage license in Colorado! After making it official, they popped some bubbly to celebrate! The joy and laughter was definitely contagious from these two!

Fly Fishing and Hiking Back

Before heading back down, they did some fly fishing in the lake! Doing activities you love on your elopement day is the best! Finally, we started our hike back to the trailhead. Stephanie and Jake had “Just Married” signs hanging from their backpacks. We got to see all of the views that we could not see while hiking up in the dark. That made the hike down even more special. We crossed the waterfall again and saw some beautiful wildflowers! As we reached the end of the hike, we saw a group of hikers. Of course they were so excited to see Stephanie and Jake in their wedding clothes! That was the only group we saw the whole time! S unrise elopements are definitely worth it if you want more privacy on your elopement day.

Stephanie and Jake were so lucky with perfect weather for their Lake Isabelle Elopement! Congratulations!!!


  1. Krissy says:

    This was such a beautiful look into their day and how fun is it to them incorporate activities that they love!

  2. Kat says:

    Oooh love the little people, big world space you’ve displayed here. And the fishing, and the sun flares, oh my!

  3. Ann Marie says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Watching a beautiful location unfold around you on an early morning is such a fun experience and your photos capture this day so beautifully! Love this so much!

  4. Naomi Levit says:

    Lake Isabelle looks amazing! What a beautiful day. And the fly fishing shots are so fun.

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