Maroon Bells Proposal

A Surprise Proposal at Maroon Bells | Candra and Philip

When Philip reached out to me to capture his Maroon Bells proposal at sunrise, I was beyond thrilled! But quickly I was not sure if I could make it happen in that specific spot. Maroon Bells is such a popular and iconic location in Colorado. A parking or shuttle reservation is required to access the spot. You either need to reserve a shuttle between 8 am and 5 pm or a parking permit outside of those hours.

You can get more information about that here.

Philip really wanted to propose at sunrise and had already obtained a parking reservation, but I needed one to in order to keep everything a surprise. There were no more early morning reservations remaining for the date he had planned. Then, I found the LAST parking reservation that allowed me to park from midnight to midnight. As long as I showed up before 8 am that morning, we were good to go!

I was so excited to help Philip plan this special moment. I picked a spot that I knew would have a great view of the Maroon Bells, while also being private. Through some emails and a zoom call we nailed down all of the details. I even walked him through the spot on Google Earth so he knew exactly where to go to propose!

The big day!

The morning of the big day, I arrived early to get ready to capture the moment! It was still dark outside and in all of his excitement, Philip arrived with Candra earlier than I expected! I was definitely glad that me eagerness also got me out of bed earlier that morning! Candra thought the two of them were ready to enjoy a sunrise hike together and had no idea what was about to happen! Philip led her over, seemingly to take some photos of one another, and then got down on one knee! Candra was definitely surprised! After Philip proposed, the sun started hitting the Maroon Bells just right and we took some photos. They were also celebrating Candra’s birthday that weekend, so they packed nice close to “change into for dinner” after their hike. Well, they got to change earlier than planned for some engagement photos too!

We walked around and laughed together, witnessed the most amazing reflection of the Maroon Bells in Maroon Lake, and admired the glow of the mountains as the sun continued to rise. It was such a magical morning and being in the presence of Candra and Philip’s love and joy made it even more magical!

Congratulations, Candra and Philip!

Maroon Bells Proposal

Thinking about planning a surprise proposal in Colorado? Reach out here to get started!

  1. Sienna says:

    Maroon Bells is on my bucket list, and wow your photos just made an incredible case for why I need to get over there asap! What a sweet proposal shoot.

  2. Stacie says:

    Holy wow! Maroon Bells is gorgeous! I love the color and vibes of these proposal photos!

  3. Dakotah says:

    You capture Candra and Philip’s Maroon Bell engagement beautifully – congrats to the two of them!

  4. Naomi Levit says:

    Maroon Bells looks like such a dreamy location for an engagement session! I absolutely love Colorado!

  5. Stacy says:

    What a beautiful place to propose! You captured this surprise proposal at Maroon Bells perfectly. These images are all so amazing and I’m sure they will treasure them forever.

  6. Molly says:

    OMG this is absolutely stunning!! I’m so excited for her, she looked so surprised!!

  7. Raini Rowell says:

    Now THIS is a proposal location – how epic! Such a beautiful place and captured their special moment perfectly.

  8. Such a stunning location for a proposal! I bet they had a great time in Aspen celebrating their engagement.

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