High Point Overlook Elopement | Hailey and Nick

When deciding on a location for their elopement, Hailey and Nick knew they really wanted somewhere with gorgeous red rocks. They were considering places like Arizona and Utah. Ultimately they decided on a Garden of the Gods wedding in Colorado Springs, Colorado! A High Point Overlook elopement was certainly a great choice!

Garden of the Gods is such an awesome location! Not only does it have those amazing red rocks that Hailey and Nick really wanted in their elopement photos, but it also has the gorgeous mountain scenery with Pikes Peak, a 14,000 foot mountain, as the backdrop! Whether you’re looking for a spot that is easily accessible or want to do some hiking on your elopement day, Garden of the Gods really has it all!

Hailey and Nick traveled from Texas with their two daughters to celebrate their special day. They also made a wonderful trip out of their time in Colorado! They mentioned exploring all around the state on their visit and it really sounds like they made the most of their time in the mountains together.

On their elopement day, Hailey and Nick decided to have a completely private ceremony, just the two of them. This is great because in Colorado you can self-solemnize your marriage. This means you don’t need an officiant or witnesses to sign your marriage license! Even though they said their vows earlier that day, Nick had not seen Hailey in her wedding dress yet!

Together they drove to Garden of the Gods to reach High Point Overlook for their elopement. When they reached the park, I took Nick to a spot where he could just look over at the view of Pikes Peak, while Hailey got dressed by the car. I brought Hailey over to Nick and and told him to turn around for their “first look”. The expression on his face when he saw his beautiful new wife was absolutely priceless! I could just tell how proud he was to be her husband!

We enjoyed the rest of our time together walking around and taking photos as the sun started to set. I am so grateful that I was able to capture memories for them from this very special day in their lives!

Congratulations, Hailey and Nick!

Do you want to elope at High Point Overlook in Garden of the Gods and need help planning? Contact me now!

  1. Molly says:

    The light in these is terrific and holy moly Hailey is a knock out! Congrats to this lovely couple ! And such great angles too!

  2. christina says:

    this is absolutely beautiful and you captured them perfectly.

  3. She is stunning!!! What a beautiful dress, and I love how it matches their daughters dresses too!! What a beautiful family

  4. Kat says:

    The lighting is so stunning in these. What incredible images you captured to memorialize their day!

  5. Omg such stunning photos! You captured them and their relationship so beautifully! Garden of the gods truly is such a gorgeous place for an elopement and you shot some AMAZING photos here! Her and her girls look like actual ANGELS!

  6. Lexi says:

    I love garden of the gods! Such a cool spot. Great stuff!

  7. Jess says:

    This elopement at the Garden of the Gods is beautiful! The couple is lovely and the light is perfect.

  8. Nate says:

    What a total doll bride! Such a lovely way to spend an elopement day. Perfectly intimate and absolutely in love. They nailed it making the day their own. Way to go on helping them make this dream day come true!

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