South Fork CO Elopement

Tara and Seth | A South Fork, Colorado Elopement

A day surrounded by their closest friends and family and ending with night photos under a starry sky was the perfect way for Tara and Seth to celebrate their South Fork CO elopement!

Tara and Seth wanted an intimate wedding day with their family and friends. They both love the outdoors so they knew that an elopement at Seth’s family house in South Fork, CO would be perfect!

Getting Ready

Tara and Seth got ready at the family house that sits along the river. They each got ready in separate rooms so they could have a first look. Tara’s mom and friends helped her with her hair and make-up and zipped her into her dress. Seth helped Tara’s son (soon to officially be his son too!) get into his adorable little suit! Soon enough they were ready for the first look!

First Look

Seth and Tara’s son walked out near the river to get in position for the first look. Then, Tara came downstairs and headed outside. Seth was so happy to see his beautiful bride and then a gust of wind blew Tara’s veil over the both of them while they shared a kiss. It was such a special moment! After they soaked in a few minutes together, it was time to head over to the ceremony spot they had picked out. Tara and Seth had spent plenty of time together at Seth’s family house and would go fishing together at a nearby reservoir and recreation area. Because they had special memories in these places, they wanted to have their ceremony there.

South Fork CO Elopement Ceremony

We drove down to the ceremony location together. Tara and Seth picked a spot in the trees where it would feel super intimate and quiet. Tara’s little son walked her down the “aisle”, it was beyond precious. They had a beautiful ceremony where Tara’s dad officiated and their closest friends and siblings stood by their side. Yes, you can absolutely have a wedding party even if you choose the more intimate wedding route! Watching Tara and Seth look into each other’s eyes during their ceremony was all we needed to know that we were all in the presence of a lasting love!

Family and Couples Portraits

After their ceremony, we headed over to the recreation area with a beautiful bridge overlooking a waterfall and a reservoir. We took some family and wedding party photos with the waterfall in the background. Then, it was time for Tara and Seth to enjoy some time, just the two of them! They hiked around, walked along the bridge across the waterfall, and just soaked in every moment as the sun began to set. Signs of autumn approaching were visible on some of the changing trees!

Mini Reception

While Tara, Seth, and I finished up their couples photos at the lake, their family and friends headed back to the house to get everything ready for their reception. Pizza was on the menu for dinner followed by cake, cookies, and s’mores over a campfire! When we returned to the house, Tara and Seth were greeted by everyone with bubbles as they entered the house! They had a beautiful set-up on the back patio for dinner with twinkle lights. Everyone enjoyed the time together! Tara, Seth, and their son roasted a marshmallow over the fire and we took some fun night sky photos! It was the perfect intimate wedding in South Fork, Colorado!

Want to elope in this awesome part of southwestern Colorado? Thinking about adding night photos to your elopement timeline? LET’S CHAT!!!

  1. Jen Peters says:

    This is such a beautiful wedding day! South Fork Colorado, wow. You captured their day so vibrantly, I love it!

  2. Tali says:

    Love these beautiful, rich colors! And that lantern photo and the picture on the bridge! Such cool shots!

  3. Oh my gosh gorgeous photos I love the nighttime photos!!

  4. Morgane says:

    Wow, I love the colours in your photos, I could almost feel the sun on my face while watching them. It looked like the perfect intimate day surrounded by nature and their closed one, thank you for sharing!

  5. Stacy says:

    What a beautiful elopement in South Fork Colorado! Your photos showcase why people love eloping in Colorado. I love how you captured the intimate moments of this elopement and their joy with their guests.

  6. Your details are so well captured!! You’ve told such an amazing story of their day. And the astro photos are so cool!

  7. Stacie says:

    I love the storytelling from start to finish! The group shots are so beautifully lit, too, they really stood out to me. Lovely work!

  8. Dakotah says:

    Each and every detail beautifully captured – Tara and Seth are so lucky to have had you there on their wedding day!

  9. Magda says:

    Everything about this elopement looked so stunning by your eyes. The colors, emotions, South Fork Colorado locations. You did a great job!

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